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Professional Odor Removal Services For Pet Odor, Mildew, Cigarette Smoke, and More

Persistent odors require much more than off the shelf’ treatment solutions. If you are dealing with a chronic odor in your home, apartment or commercial property then you need professional odor removal services. Pure green Restoration remediates all kind of odors like fire smoke odor, cigarette smoke odor, pet odor, mold and mildew odors and other chemically produced odors. We offer both residential and commercial odor removal in the New York area.

Odor removal techniques vary depending on the cause of the odor. We utilize industrial odor control machines, like hydroxyl generators, ozone treatment machine, wet and thermal foggers, heap 500 scrubbers, and also non-toxic cleaning solutions and sealers, that disinfect and deodorize your space and eliminate odor causing bacteria.

We provide odor removal and control services to home owners, condo and apartment property management firms, business, commercial and industrial property owners.

Our Proven Odor Removal Techniques

We use a range of advanced deodorization tools to eliminate odor from your home, including:

Air Scrubbers
Using high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, they remove odorous particles from the air, enhancing the efficiency of cleaning and clearing the air for safe breathing.

Thermal Fog
Use of thermal fogs neutralizes odor, using a strong deodorizer that penetrates everywhere the smoke traveled.

This oxidizing agent is produced by a portable ozone generator.

Hydroxly Generators
These use hydroxl radicals to eliminate odors from the home.

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