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We specialize in mold remediation in New York City and the surrounding areas. The first step in mold remediation should always begin with a third party mold test. In NYC there are several companies who offer mold assessment/inspections but not all of them are reputable or licensed so it is important to research the company you choose to hire before you make a decision to invite them into your home. 

It is important to understand that there will always be certain levels of mold in your home and this is normal for the most part. When mold levels exceed the normal levels, this is when it is presumed to pose certain health risk to those exposed. A mold remediation team will tackle the source problem in order to bring the levels back down to livable standards. 

Using a third party mold examiner will insure that your remediation contractor completes their job to satisfactory levels. 

We know dealing with mold might sound daunting and scary but hiring a professional company who is licensed and experience will make the process extremely smooth and easy for you. Our goal is to bring the air quality in your home back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can go back to your normal day to day activities.

Our 7 Step Mold Remediation Process in NYC 

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Typically, there will be early warning signs in your home when you suspect mold growth. The first step in eliminating mold is to find the source of moisture in your home. Mold growth will typically occur in areas that have moisture and heat. Often times visible mold growth can be seen in the form of black mold in which case you should contact a mold remediation team to come by and assess. 

In many cases the mold is not visible because it may be hidden in inaccessible places such as drywall or air vents. In these situations you may be experiencing symptoms for example allergies, shortness of breath etc. 

 One of the easiest ways to determine if your home has a microbial contamination problem is by odor. Musty or earthy odors are simple determination factors, referred to as microbiological volatile organic compounds or MVOC’s. 

If you believe your home or office may be affected by mold, please contact us to setup an appointment for a mold inspection. 

2. Mold Inspection/Assessment

After you have made the decision to contact a professional mold remediation company, the next step is to determine the severity of the issue. This is where the mold assessment happens. By taking samples of the air and walls and sending to a third party lab for testing we will be able to formulate a remediation plan based on what the lab finds. The inspection should also locate any water leaks or sources of moisture where mold might be a problem. In certain cases where mold growth is obvious, a containment of the effected area may take place.  

3. Formulate a remediation plan

The Mold Assessment will also provide a clear mold remediation plan for us to tackle your mold issue. This remediation plan will give precise details on the source area and what combination of remediation methods will be required to successfully restore your home to living conditions. 

4. Containment of the source area 

Containing the source area is crucial when beginning any mold remediation project. In order to avoid cross contamination careful handling of the source area must be taken. The source should be contained before any work begins. Mold spores are very easily disturbed and without containment the spores can spread out into the air and contaminate other rooms in the house. 

Removal of mold damaged areas/belongings

Unsalvageable items or contents will be contained and removed from the home for disposal. This would include any damaged drywall, fiberglass, clothing etc..

5. Air Filtration / Scrubbing 

In the containment room we will use negative air and air scrubbers to filter the air and remove the spores that are floating. In most cases this is enough to clean the air, however in more extreme situations we may have to use thermal fogging equipment in order to reach desired levels of remediation. Mold spores are a major concern for remediators. Mold spores are very small and not visible to the naked eye. They float around the air similar to dandelion seeds (but much smaller) and contaminate your source of air. This is also how they spread. The spores float around until they land on a damp spot which provide them a food source and continue to grow. Spores are known to cause allergies and can also be toxic.

6. Cleaning of furniture, contents, and belongings

The contents that we can save will be thoroughly cleaned. This includes the walls, carpets, area rugs and upholstery. Again, certain items may have to be disposed of if the damage is too far, however, if it can be save we will use a combination of remediation techniques to clean your belongings. 

7. Final Mold Inspection (third party) 

After the remediation is completed, a final mold inspection will be carried out by a third party assessor. This will insure that we have done our job as intended and provide you with peace of mind knowing that the remediation was successful. 

Working with Insurance Providers

Often times your insurance policy will cover all, if not, most of the remediation bill. We can work directly with your insurance to make sure you get the maximum coverage you are entitled to. 

If you think your home may be affected by mold, please call or email us right away. 

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