Fire Damage Restoration

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Fire Damage Repair & Restoration, New York

Damages from a fire can continue for several days after the disaster has occurred. As a leader in the restoration industry, our experts can mitigate loss from a fire. Upon arrival, our experienced and certified project manager will evaluate the affected areas and construct a detailed analysis on the residential or commercial property. After a report has been constructed, we will overview our remediation strategy with you and discuss the extent of the damage, what is expected and our plan of action. Our main objective is to save your property, contents and personal belongings and restore your home or business back to pre-disaster conditions in as safe and fast manner as possible.

Smoke Damage Restoration

Once a fire occurs, smoke gets trapped inside the walls, outlets, furnishings and everywhere else you can possibly think of. Some areas of the property may have visible damage, while other areas may not. It is imperative to have a professional smoke damage restoration company to assess your property and provide fire and smoke removal services.

The effects of a fire damage will appear instantly (some signs are visible, while others are not) and will continue to appear after a few days. The signs of a fire and smoke damage may appear as stains and discoloration on walls, surfaces and ceilings. Appliances and hardware may also begin to corrode. In addition, surfaces inside your home will contain a smoky odor. The only way to remove the odor is to have every affected surface cleaned, sanitized and deodorized with fire and smoke cleanup services.

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